Can I pay for the program in place?

Yes you can if there are spaces available for the correct date & time. We recommend booking the programme in advance.

Can I pay the tuition at the agency along with the purchase of travel vouchers?

You can pay online at or upon the arrival at the hotel. You will be able to find our representative who can answer further questions.

We have canceled the trip and the hotel reservation. What will happen to the paid training?

The money paid will be returned to the bank account used for payment

We arrived at the hotel and the child got ill. Can I cancel the payment?

The whole sum will be returned

The program begins on Monday, and we arrive on Thursday. Which date should I book the programme?

Every programme starts on Monday so you need to book from Monday.

My child is 8 years old in August. Can he still go to school eventhough he is only 7 at the time?

Couple of months difference does not matter at the school, the test will determine the group for studying.

Is it possible to transfer into the most advanced level of language group?

This decision is made by teachers taking the abilities and willingness of a child.

Is it possible not to attend evening classes?

Of course. Evening classes are held in a playish way and are not compulsory to attend.

Have more questions?

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