Programmes 2019

Vacation&Language is a family based programme conducted at the Grecotel Resorts. The lessons are taught by the native-speaker certified teachers of English language from British Study Centres.

Where & when?

Grecotel Olympia Riviera 10.06 – 23.08
Grecotel Creta Palace 10.06 – 23.08

What to do?

You need to book a programme and arrive at the chosen Resort where you can learn more about where and when exactly do lessons take place. On Monday you can attend a trial first lesson which is free of charge, and then if you/your child enjoyed it you can pay for a one/two/three week programme. In the end of the programme there is a graduation ceremony where every student gets a certificate of course completion from British Study Centres as well as personal recommendations from teachers.

How are the groups formed?

Children aged 4-7 years old are taught in a separate group consisting of a minimum of 3 kids
Children 8-16 years of age take an allocation test on the first day and get allocated to a group suitable for their level of English. Children can advance to the next group the following week. Older teenagers can be taught in adult groups if they are willing to be.
Adults are taught in groups of 5
The maximum number of people for any group is 10 people

How do the lessons go?

Lessons can take place in an AC-suited classroom as well as outdoors with students enjoying the sunlight. All students, both children and adults study for 3 academic hours 5 days a week which equates to 15 academic hours of English per week which is then stated in the certificate of course completion.
Lessons start at 9:30am or at 3:30pm depending on the weather conditions
Kids aged 4-7 years old attend lessons for either 1 or 2 hours a day, according to parents’ preference.
The biggest success of this programme is achieved through live communication with a native speaker. Teachers offer students interesting tasks during which the students are able to ‘blossom’ and start to communicate more fluently in English. Older students will be able to attempt projects and tasks which will challenge their written and spoken English skills. Teachers will not be working on a fixed programme and therefore the material is not going to be repeated week by week. Instead the lessons will be adjusted to the current needs of the group and its members. Three times a week there are themed evening classes which enhance students’ ability to communicate.

What is the price?

Children (8-16) and Adults : 350 euros per week (3hrs)

For Kids (4-7) :

  • 150 euros (1hr) per week
  • 250 euros (2hrs) per week

Individual lessons : 50 euros per hour
We advise booking individual classes in advance.

Got questions?
+7 926 908 8738
Irina Matveenko

Children say:

Anastas Saukh9y.o., Moscow
It was very interesting. I really liked that teachers play and talk funny with us. Liked studying there and I advise everybody to try the school out because the teachers are very different. Instead of explaining something in a boring manner they play and talk with you which is why I liked this school better than my normal one.
EveMoscow, 2016
I am amazed!!! I really loved learning English in Grecotel. I was a bit worried at first because I felt lazy learning English while on holiday, but after a trial lesson I asked to stay for another week, and another one, and another one.
Taya Prokazina12y.o., 2015
I really liked the English school, it was fun and interesting! I made a lot of new friends! Of all teacher I liked Rebecca the most, she is fun and responsive. I advise everybody to visit this school in Grecotel.

Book on

Book in advance a place in the group or time for individual lessons in the Engish school in the Grecotel Hotels. You can pay for the study at the reception upon arrival to the hotel.