English for adults

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This is a great opportunity to ‘pick up’ or improve your English while on summer holiday with your kids! Together with your child, although in separate groups, you can spend a few morning hours beneficially. You will be amazed at the system used to educate you and we can assure you that you have never had that in your own childhood!

This short course will quickly stimulate your language ability and will help to break down the language barrier!
The lessons are 3 hours per day (5+ people in a group).
Price of group lessons: 350 euros per week

The programme can be booked in the following hotels:

  • Grecotel Olympia Riviera (10.06 – до 23.08)
  • Grecotel Creta Palace (10.06 – 23.08)

Our Team

Rebecca Spratt

teacher, Hotel Olympia Riviera

Michael Candaele

teacher, Hotel Olympia Riviera

Kate Roberts

Academic Director, Hotel Corfu Imperial

Maria Lentsman

Academic Director, Grecotel Amirandes

Book on

Book in advance a place in the group or time for individual lessons in the English school in the Grecotel Hotels. You can pay for the study at the reception upon arrival to the hotel.

Detail Course

Level 1-4
Price 350 EUR
Start June 10, 2019
Duration 1 week
Student 5

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