Evening Entertaiment


2 days a week from 8pm-9pm teachers hold playful lessons to enhance students’ speaking skills. They take form of projects on a given topic or learning English songs as well as group discussions. Kids play tabletop games, associations and other fun games outdoors and all of that is in English! The evening classes are included in the programme and do not require any further payment.

Maria Bernikova
At first my daughter was upset when she learned that she will have lessons during summer holidays. This changed radically after the first day. Diana was visiting the lessons with a smile on her face even though it was 9am. Planning an English-learning vacation on Crete this year and we couldn’t have been happier!
Kate Smirnova
Thank you for the wonderful idea of combining the english learning with the summer beach holiday with kids! I loved the after-dinner play-lessons where kids became one big friendly company and we could hear laughter coming from there all the time!

Our Team

Rebecca Spratt

teacher, Hotel Olympia Riviera

Michael Candaele

teacher, Hotel Olympia Riviera

Kate Roberts

Academic Director, Hotel Corfu Imperial

Maria Lentsman

Academic Director, Grecotel Amirandes

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Level free
Price free
Start June 10, 2019
Duration free
Student free

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